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The keys to your success are already inside you; let's unlock your personal freedom together!

Are you looking for financial and personal freedom?

Are you a purpose driven, heart-centered, mission focused person who struggles to match their goals with their level of fulfillment?

You find yourself moving the needle everyday, but it's just not getting you the results you want, the achievement you want, and you feel drained all the time?

You put in the work, and feel golden one minute, but overwhelmed and busy the next, which leaves other areas of your life--your relationships, your health, your mindset, your performance--in disarray?

I feel you; I was there, too. Completely putting one thing above something else, not knowing how to balance work and life, how to reach the financial goals I wanted, and also, take care of myself and my relationships.

If you're tired of feeling unfulfilled and not meeting the goals for success that you want, and therefore, not seeing the personal freedom you desire, you're in the right place!!

Together, we can see how your business gets to be easy through focusing on your non-negotiables, your resilience, your good discipline

We'll find a way to structure everything so that you're not thinking about a "balance," because you are thinking about what is best for you each day, in each moment, for the success you want financially, AND in your relationships, health, and mindset

If you know what to do, but you're having trouble doing it, let's see how creating a personalized blueprint has the ability to help you surpass that $100k goal and achieve the personal freedom and life of your dreams!



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The Keys to Your Success! 

Once a Month Coaching Session

Addressing your plan of attack, creating an  accountability plan, and mindset work get you towards your financial goal!


  • one 60-75 minute phone call per month
  • unlimited email
  • Accountability check ins every weekend
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1:1 Coaching

6 or 12 months of 1:1 Coaching with a completely personalized blueprint for your success


  • Weekly In person meeting
  • Unlimited Calls and emails
  • Daily/Weekly Intention Setting
  • Accountability Check Ins on Weekends via email
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Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Workshops are held every few months with group coaching options; I'm also open to speak at Leadership Conferences, Seminars, and Events


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Not Sure What's Best for You?

Let's chat! Set up a Free "Ignite!" Coaching Session and get down to what you need and how I can provide the light for your goals and desires

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Whatever it is you need in life, Sara will make it better. In business health, etc, Sara takes your life and makes it that much better. You win when you work with her

Tim Smith

Tiffany C

I hired Sara because I was done people pleasing, staying stuck in a job that wasn't challenging anymore, and needed to build confidence. Within 3 months, I interviewed for the job of my dreams, created confidence, and am finally owning my life!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Victoria showed me it was OK to be me and taught me how to love life again.

Rebecca Waters

When we work together, you can expect:
  • to have FUN! Cause that's the most important thing!
  • to uncover your current stories and then breakthrough these mindset habits to create new ones
  • Know and feel comfortable in making decisions
  • Trusting yourself and your worthiness
  • to create the VISION of what you want, and the beliefs and feelings that go with it
  • Accountability and Action to get you to living the life you desire!


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