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Are You Abundantly Full of Doubt?

Sep 04, 2020

Abundance--overflow, affluence, fullness. To have a massive amount of something that then impacts your feelings, emotions, and physical state. More than you can ever imagine. Freedom, unlimited possibilities, exponential growth, quantum leaps. The feeling of inspired action. One of my favorite things to say in college about the weather: to have abundant sunshine

We are all familiar with this word and mostly think of it in a positive way. If you think abundantly, a wealth of whatever is going to come to you. You have an abundance of flowers in your house, an overflow of money in your account, a life that's full of health.

However, something we don't necessarily think about is that Abundance doesn't discriminate--it can come in with good things/thoughts, and, it can come in with bad things/thoughts. 

Meaning: I can have an abundance of faith in something OR, I can have an abundance of doubt

When I say an abundance of faith, I don't necessarily mean that in a religious context, although of course that applies. I mean an abundance of faith that whatever you desire (as long as it isn't harming others) is available for you. If you know that, your actions mimic that thought, and you find that abundance of good things follow you. That can be something good that happens at work, something that happens on your way to work, whatever.

We can also place Abundance in things that aren't good, such as doubt. If you doubt things, worry about things all of the're placing your faith in that feeling, and therefore, further feelings and emotions and thoughts of doubt ensue, so, you keep getting an overflow of that. 

Abundance isn't in the overflow of GOOD--it's in the overflow of your THOUGHTS. 

I used to think I was the living embodiment of Abundance--I was always positive, had a great attitude, read all the books on the Laws of Abundance and how you have to train your mind to think positive, etc.

That worked great! When I was reading it...

And then--

I went on with the rest of my day. I had the superficial thought of Abundance in my consciousness, but, I was talking to myself in sentences full of doubt, worry, and anxiety. I had no idea that the way I was talking to myself was actually causing me to have an abundance of negative and self-depreciation!

  • I had an overflow of thoughts and feelings of comparison and judgement
  • I had an overflow of thoughts and feelings in not believing I could actually make a sale, or that I was good at what I do

I was living the abundant life of doubt. Since most of my thoughts were around that, my results, circumstances, and environment gave me back an abundance of doubt


If I wanted to be successful, I had to make a decision. I had to understand what abundance really meant for me, and that if this is a Core Value, I better start using it in ways that SUPPORT the life I want rather than hinder it!

How did I do that? 

  • I got really clear on what I really want--in every single aspect of my life

Why do I want this career, this relationship, this health, etc? Clarity in all of this helped me to see where I can start giving myself more thoughts of overflow, of affluence, of abundant sunshine. What do I want in my life? What brings me fulfillment? THAT'S where I want to place my thoughts and my abundance belief!

  • I got really clear on who I AM

Abundance is trusting yourself in the process of growth, knowing your worthiness and that even working on something is a huge success. We are so scared to really be ourselves, so we keep in this abundant mindset of people pleasing. That was absolutely me: filling my thoughts of abundant people pleasing and conflict avoidance...why? So people wouldn't be mad at me? That didn't fit with my big Vision for my life. So, I thought about who I am, and put abundant belief in her AND in who I want to be. That gave me so many ways to look at opportunities and start living with the belief and gratitude of ME

  • I decided to commit to one thing everyday that will lead me closer to my Vision (what I really want) and who I am

I'm moving forward with abundance mentality pretty much everyday knowing that there are so many possibilities out there, and it's what I CHOOSE to see. Every time I finish something, or do something, I celebrate the HECK out of it, and it shows me that there's a LOT more where that came from! Again, thinking abundant thoughts of how meeting this one commitment everyday is positively impacting my life and creating more opportunity gives me the fuel I need to pursue my goals and take more action!


Where do you find yourself right now? What kinds of thoughts are going on in your head? If you experience doubt in several aspects of your life, there's a good chance the abundance you may think you have is actually rooted in doubt rather than in belief.

When you change your thoughts to abundance for GOOD things, and really make a decision to keep doing that, your world completely changes. It's definitely a journey, but the best thing about it can go on it abundantly, and experience your own abundant sunshine 

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