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How to Have a Successful Week: 7 Day Challenge!

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How to Have a Successful Week: 7 Day Challenge!


How did you start your morning today? 

What were your thoughts when you woke up?

What do you HAVE to do this week?


There’s a lot of things going on right now; lots of things to do. At work, with our family, with our workouts, with self development...holy guacamole, it's overwhelming!

Here's the thing: once we get into that mindset, guess what happens?


We don’t accomplish it all.


We start saying, “there were distractions,” or “there’s no time,” or, if we’re honest, “I’d rather drink some wine than do that” at the end of the day. We totally stop ourselves.


Oh, by the way--that wine scenario may be talking from personal experience, lol! 


What happens when we stop ourselves? We unintentionally keep that pattern going. So then, it makes it easier for us to fall into the “stop” pattern of not accomplishing all that we want to, which leads to greater stress, and worry, and anxiety, and the pattern just keeps looping


What happens when we stop ourselves?


We lose trust in ourselves. And, a lack of trust in ourselves impacts every part of our lives. We find ourselves stopping in multiple things, then, we get into patterns of shame, guilt, and peer pressure. It’s an ugly cycle


BUT! There’s a way to reverse that pattern, to build the trust back.


It all starts with making one commitment to ourselves everyday.


What’s that commitment?


It’s whatever you want it to be!!


For today, set ONE thing you’ll commit to completing. One thing to hold yourself accountable to doing today.


Maybe that’s making sure the kids get to wherever they’re going on time. Maybe it’s going to your workout. Maybe it’s tackling a work project, or setting a boundary and saying no to something that’s not what you want to do (if that’s a hard thing for you to do)


One thing today--personal accountability in doing that. 


Then, one thing tomorrow--for 7 days. 


It doesn’t have to be the same thing everyday; if there’s one thing we’re learning, it’s that things always change, are always pivoting, always transitioning. So, transition with it.


One commitment today. Ask yourself these questions for that one commitment today:

  • What am I making a personal commitment to today?
  • What negative obstacles might get in my way of committing to this?
  • What does this one thing do for me?
  • What does this one thing do for others?
  • How does this relate to my values, and my big vision?


Now, clearly, there’s more than one thing that you’ll be doing today, but the point is, what’s one thing you COMMIT to today? One thing that you say you’re going to do...and then, hold yourself accountable and DO the thing?


Start small if you need to! Maybe not taking that second helping at dinner. Or, texting your buddy to make sure you go to your evening workout. Or, having a coworker hold you accountable for something at work.


One thing you commit to today, and do that for 7 days.


That’s not only how you’ll start to break the pattern of stopping yourself, but also, breakthrough to trusting yourself. When you commit to your word, and keep your word, your brain starts to associate that, and that’s when the breakthrough starts to happen


7 Days, one commitment/personal more step toward your success in work, family, relationships, fitness, and self. 


Always remember, you are awesomesauce!! 

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