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Do You Need To Release, too?

awareness choices enpowerment forgiveness happy healing intentionalliving letgo lifecoach mindful mindset positivity release selflove thoughts wellness writing Nov 14, 2020

How has your week been? I'm super excited that I had a relaxed Friday evening and weekend full of research for a new idea, writing and also reading because...well, I love to read!


I wanted to share something that's been on my mind this week when it comes to releasing/letting loose--not just of other people/things, but things from our past, too


It took me 11 months to realize I was still holding onto some things with past experiences in my work and with people that I needed to set free. Nothing bad at all, but those little things that stuck under your skin, didn't leave a good mark, that kind of stuff. This week was the first time I realized that I've been holding onto these things and how that's impacted thoughts and emotions with my new career ambitions and most importantly, with me as a person


My mentor read an excerpt from a book by Catherine Porter the other day, and I decided I wanted to look further into it. She has an entire chapter on forgiveness, and reading that is what made things click in my head that I needed to release


In a nutshell, it's this: get rid of what you don't want to make room for what you do want!


Easy peasy, right? Ha, I know. The thing is, when there's still stuff we're holding, whether physically, like all those old clothes in your closet, or emotionally, like old feelings and resentments and offenses or whatever else, that means we're not making room for the new things that want to come in and help us grow and get even better. 


So, letting go...that means, forgive. Some of us get really antsy with that word because..."well Sara, you just don't understand..."


I get that, trust me


Really, to forgive means to let go of old ideas, feelings, or conditions and give something better in their place 


So, what's harboring inside of you right now? Are there things you need to let you? Are there people to forgive? What about forgiveness of yourself for things that just make you want to cringe even thinking about it?


It's ok. Try this tactic: write down (or, just sit quietly), and think about all the people, places, things you want to forgive, and mentally forgive them. Like, literally, in your mind, say, "I forgive...." You can say you forgive them for the specific thing they did, or that you forgive yourself for whatever it is. Say, "I release, I let go of you, and I let loose. It's no longer controlling my life; I don't fear letting this go and wishing the best. Everything is awesomesauce." 


Ok, the last part is my part, but you can add your own in there ;)


If you do this daily--yes, I did say daily--you'll see that things that bothered you from the past no longer have as strong of a hold on you. Like something has been lifted. And then, when that's lifted, you can think on your Core Values, on your goals/desires, and replace all that you let go with new things that you want to experience, to be, to do, to have, in your life


Try it out, and let me know how it works for you! It's really done a number for me in a Week; exactly what I needed to move past some fear based things and continue on the track of awesomesauce :)

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