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Evolve or Revolve? And, Is Your Tree Up?

christmas creative evolve goals habits holidays lifecoach mindset motivation scheduling selflove success Nov 06, 2020



Who’s Christmas tree and/or decorations are already up?


I used to be AVID about not putting up Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving; I am a Team Turkey person! I think it’s because I have such fond memories of driving home from college, and then as a young adult, for break and the fun that we had that I am absolutely about giving the Turkey his/her time to shine.


And, when I say I used to be AVID about no Christmas...well, I mean there was absolutely NO. WAY. I was going to change that. Like come on, give Thanksgiving some love, people! 


This year, though, actually, yesterday, I realized that things changed.


I’m on the Christmas Cheer board this year.


 Walking my dog last night in the dark, a house down the street just had their lights put up. Beautiful red, green, and white lights framed the arches, the bushes, and the walkway. Bright and cheery, it just gave me a spell of happiness. I loved it...and I realized, I wasn’t like, “oh my gosh people, really?”


It was more of, “yes. This makes them happy. It makes others feel happy.”


Yup, I’m team Turkey AND Team Christmas at the same time now.


This sounds silly, sure, but for me, it made me realize that I evolved a little bit. That even though for YEARS I was all about SOLELY Thanksgiving, THEN Christmas, with a few new mindset habits under my belt, and the understanding that really, we have to do what makes us happy...I can evolve from what WAS into what I am now. I was the person who only believed Christmas after. Like I was adamant about that in my body, mind, and emotions. But now, things have changed for me as I’ve gotten older. 


Which brings me to habits.


But not just daily habits, like drinking enough water (side note: if you need more water, put a glass in your bathroom or on your nightstand and in the morning, as soon as you wake up--and, ok, after the bathroom--drink some water. That will make your body SO, SO happy!)


Habits of the body AND the mind AND the emotions


I use that Christmas story cause we can all relate to it, but now I have a serious question for you: are you evolving, or revolving, in your habits?


Does everyday feel like the same thing, over and over?


Are you truly moving forward in your goals, or are you just moving in circles, allowing procrastination, or not enough time, or “I’m trying, but it’s not working” to take over?


Especially in this holiday season, it’s important to look at where you are and see what kind of habits you’re investing in on a daily basis.


Do you take care of your health as well as you’d like?

What about your thoughts...especially thoughts about yourself?


Do you have a goal? Did you do something today that takes you one step closer to achieving your goal? 


I like questions a lot because they do something for you: they get you to think 


They get you to think about what you’re creating in your life everyday that will benefit your future. 


My guess is you want something that you don’t currently have--we all do, right?


To get there, you really want to start actively thinking about how you’re scheduling your day


Where you’re spending too much time -- not just social media, but how often do you check your email? How often are you getting side tracked in things that don’t matter to your overall life? 


What is something you can start doing that will help you EVOLVE forward rather than keep you where you are?


If this is a bit perplexing to you...that’s ok. We’ve all been stuck in a revolving pattern of what we know, even if we don’t like it...because that’s what we KNOW. It’s certain.


But, it’s not getting us where we want to be. And, I’m a pretty damn firm believer that you can get where you want to be, that you can EVOLVE your habits, and that it can start as soon as you’re able and willing to move forward with a goal you really, really want. 


I have a FREE 30 minute Workshop coming up on 11/13 that can help you refocus your Goal(s) and give you a chance to understand how you can change your daily habits (easily, and without “but that means I’m missing out on x ,y, z!)) and your mindset habits!


We’ll dive into how you’re currently living, what you really, really want, and how you can answer the questions, “Am I able?” and “Am I willing?” with ease. And, you'll have a chance to talk to me about your goal and setting up a plan of action


My evolution of allowing Christmas much earlier doesn’t seem like much...but, it actually completely changes the way I used to think AND feel about things. Let’s work on your evolution, too, so you’re not in circles, but continuously moving forward! 


Move forward with the FREE mini workshop on 11/13! Click HERE to register!

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