Garage Chaos!

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2020

“I don’t even want to ask this...but…”

Those aren't typically words you really want to hear from your boyfriend, right?


“...should we start cleaning out the garage?”


Out of ALL the things he could have said, this was definitely not what I wanted to hear.


Our garage is, for lack of a better description, chaos. 


All the things, some of which I haven’t even touched since I moved into my house three years ago, or since he moved in a year later.


Every time I walk into the garage, there’s the “oh my gosh, we NEED to do something about this.” 


But, I’ve avoided it; he’s avoided it. We’ve avoided it. Cause we keep telling ourselves the story that it’s going to be a beating to clean, and we frankly just don’t want to do it.


Which, actually, is adding to the stress I put on myself everytime I’m in the garage.

I physically feel something when I go in there, and that's produced by the thoughts of "ugh, I don't want this, this is a disaster," etc. 


Not exactly the thoughts I want to be circling through my head, even if it's only for an instant!

I DID clear out some stuff this morning, and it was amazing how fast I felt a sense of…


Clearing. Peace. Release


It made me feel instantly better. 


All of a sudden, I saw the garage as a totally organized space where we can park at least one car (YAY), and all kinds of other possibilities.


An entirely new world seemed to open simply by clearing out a few things.


Cleaning out, or decluttering, isn’t just about the physical objects, but also what we’re holding onto in our physical bodies, through emotions, stress, beliefs, thoughts.


There’s no reason for me to be stressed when I go into the garage; I’m creating that stress because I’m attaching that to the chaos that’s currently there.


That’s not how I want it to be--and, I have control over that.

What about you? Is there an area in your life that’s cluttered?


A closet, a garage, a sunroom, etc?


What do you feel, mentally and emotionally, when you think about that space, or enter that space?


If you haven’t thought about it, or paid attention to it--do that. Go into the space, and see how you feel. See how it affects you physically, to see all of that clutter, that chaos.


Why are you leaving that clutter there?


Well duh--we tend to leave it there, because, let’s face it: decluttering is a HUGE feat. 


It seems easier simply to ignore it, to avoid it, because we attach stress and frustration to the cleaning OUT of it, without realizing that it’s actually causing us more stress by seeing it everyday.


Literally, removing five things this morning out of the chaos was freeing, I FELT the release.


That’s the thing: it doesn't have to happen all at once, unless you want it to.


All it takes is a few simple steps; one or two things a day. 


As you continue, you’ll get more inspired, you’ll feel that release.


And then one day: the clutter is gone. The physical objects are gone...and so are the physical, mental, and emotional thoughts attached to it.


With that, new things, new possibilities, new organization can flow in.


So, what can you start to clean out today? 


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