"I am Sara..." and How I Grew to Love Myself

Uncategorized May 04, 2020

Happy Monday! So, you may be thinking, "Who are you, and why did you get into Mindset and Life Coaching?"


I am super passionate about guiding others and helping them transform their beliefs into "I can," or "yes, that IS possible," or "I am worth it." For me, these are all easy to say, NOW. But, it wasn't always that way...


I was the ultimate people pleaser.


My thoughts and desires and decisions absolutely did NOT matter over everyone else's. I wanted to be the best liked in every friend group, but I really don’t think I ever was, because I wasn’t giving that out in return. I care much more about what you think about me than having my own voice.


That lead to major approval seeking, too.


Make sure you don’t say anything stupid around these people, Sara. Just stay in the background and be around them, that’s totally enough. It didn’t matter if it were friend groups or work groups, I was so afraid of saying something stupid or dumb, so I remained the “sweet one who agrees with everything.” 


Which, of course, initiated the Comparison and Judgement.


"Whoa. Look at her, what she’s wearing, the guys she’s with. I could NEVER be like that.” so, I’m going to continue to stare at her and her group of friends and really, really hate myself because I can never be like that."


I lived like this for YEARS, constantly trapped in my own belitting thoughts, because that's how I had conditioned myself to think. In my brain, it kept me safe.

As I got older, I was aware that these thoughts were really not good for me, but, it was soooo much easier to stay in them than to fight them. I mean, this was just the way it was, right?



One day, I was sitting with a friend and we were talking about life things over cocktails. She knew I struggled a lot with my mindset and self love; she was completely opposite of me. Always confident in herself, never afraid to speak her mind, and, especially not afraid to say NO and set boundaries.


At first, I wondered, “what’s that like?”


And, she told me, it took awhile for her to get there, also, but that once you do, it's freeing. 


I'd been involved in the Personal Development world, and I LOVE learning, but the things I was reading just weren't clicking for me. It would go into my brain, and work AT THAT MOMENT, but then, life happened, and it was all out the window. 


What finally clicked for me?


The day I realized, I have a choice: I can either sit here and wallow and compare myself to this person's "perfect" life on Instagram--or, even a friend's "perfect" life--OR, I can start living my OWN life and choose to be positive about myself.


I'm a big believer in Affirmations, Wealth Conscious Mindset, the Universal Laws, and Manifestation/Visualization...but, the key to all of those things is ACTION. So, it wasn't enough for me just to read. I had to also LIVE it, DO it, BREATHE it.


The game changed. 


Now, I'm not afraid to speak up--even when saying things makes me look silly. Literally, just last week, my boyfriend made a comment about some Stock price in our group text, and, instead of thinking, "if I text what I'm thinking, they're going to think I'm an idiot,"...I sent the text. 


Of course I was completely off, and really, had no idea about the situation, only what I thought I knew.


You know what happened? Nothing. They told me what was up, and why that was actually a really good price, and, I learned something. 


No. Big. Deal. 


Why am I so passionate about Mindset and Life Coaching?


Because I full-heartedly believe in abundance and positivity. I believe that Affirmations have the power to breakthrough old, conditioned thought patterns and bring you to create a new life.


I believe anything you want to achieve is possible for you.


I believe that you're so worthy of loving yourself, and being lovingly self aware. 


My entire life has been one big lesson in all of this; I can help you overcome any obstacle and transform your life. 


You are so worth it. You CAN do it. You are already approved. 


You are awesomesauce 




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