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You Feel That?

abundance attitude breathe choice energy lifecoach mindset power strength Nov 01, 2020

You feel that?


That energy? The energy in your body; the energy all over social media; the energy in the news and basically everything you’re watching right now?


What are some words that describe that energy?


I’m guessing that it’s not things like positivity, happiness, or abundance.


Abundance is probably the single last word you’d use right now


But, that’s the thing.


In a week that is a really big deal; a week that will cause a lot of a week where a lot will happen…


There’s still abundance. 


There’s still hope. There’s still expectation, and consciousness, and living in ways that can help you create different energy that will help you and the world


Think I'm crazy?


Ok...let's try this:


In this moment, right now: think of something that makes you really, really happy


What is that?


Did you say, “Me; I make myself happy”?


wait...Why not?


Why aren’t you the first thing in your head and heart that makes you happy?


That’s where it should all start.


All the energy you’re feeling (and trust me, I’m feeling it, too!) is coming from all of these outside things. You’re getting a little of this perspective, and then that, on top of your own believes, and mostly, on top of all of your fears and worries


So, to make yourself feel thought of something you love...but that wasn't you. 


YOU is where your energy starts. YOU is where you can choose what it is to feel. The outside stuff is exactly that: outside. But who are you with on the inside every single moment, every single day?


Let's do something together; it wont take long!


Take a deep breath. Yup, right now. Breathe in through your nose for a count of 4, hold at the top briefly, then exhale for a count of 4, and hold at the bottom. Do this about five times (more if you want to!)


Now, think of something about yourself that makes you happy. Something that brings good energy into your system that’s about yourself. A strength that you have, a physical feature you like, something you’re good at. 


I’ll share one of mine: something that makes me happy about myself is my huge desire to read and learn things, to constantly be learning and growing 


As you’re thinking about a strength of yours, pay attention to your feelings. To your thoughts around it.


If the thoughts around it start to get a little “iffy,” meaning you start attaching doubt or worry to it...breathe again, reframe yourself, and give it another go. 


Do it until you literally feel the good in your veins, and you can almost take the words out of your mind and put them onto a page to give someone motivation, inspiration, and encouragement.


See what you did there?


That’s called Abundance


It’s around and available to you at all times...even times where the energy is not ideal


All of that negative energy out there? It’s going to be there.


But you, thinking in terms of abundance right now; you know what you just did?


You created something optimistic, something positive. Not just for/in you...but for others, too. Because now that you’re feeling good, the next person you talk to is going to feel that energy, too. 


This week, maybe put a note in your calendar to practice this Abundance Thought Process. Maybe most especially on Tuesday.


Your good energy will be felt. It will help you feel the abundance...and, it’ll bring more abundance into the world.


That’s how powerful you are; that’s why your choice of choosing some positive can truly impact the world

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