What Happens When you Believe in Yourself? A CrossFit Story...

“We Made it to the finals!!”
Wait—I have to deadlift how much? I've never done that before in my life...
What if I fail?!
My teammate and I were SO excited to make it to the finals of our first CrossFit competition. It was such a fun day, and we were competing in a scaled division, having fun, and doing our best.
Everyone was excited for us since it was our first one...but, this was also a big day for me for another huge reason.
It was the first athletic competition where I didn’t arrive scared. Where I wasn't overthinking, overanalyzing, over-criticizing myself before anything event started. 
I wasn't scared that I was going to fail. I wasn't saying, "but Sara, what if you suck?"

I wasn't doubting myself, for once.

That's why the entire day was so fun!!


And then, they announced the teams who made it to the Final Event.


They purposely don't release the event until right...

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