Hello! I'm Sara Schroeder, Your Business and Life Coach

I'm here to guide you, the perfectionist, high-performing, yet "stuck" business owner to greater clarity, confidence, and success!


You have a million ideas to create more business; you have BIG goals; you know HOW to run your business, but, there's some kind of block in your way that's preventing you from seeing the results you want, and you just don't know what to do

 Nice to meet you! I'm here to ask you four questions that can completely transform your business AND help you build a healthy relationship with your goal(s)

What is important to you?

What do you want? 

What do you mean by that?



These questions set the foundation for what you want; in order to move forward, there needs to be commitment, accountability, and a written plan of action


We think in terms of the impact you want to make, how you want to contribute to other people's lives, and how you want to CREATE your own life


I help you gain awareness of what's working, what's not working, and how to create new action that turns into new, improved results


Not just massive improvement for your business--massive improvement for your LIFE!


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Tiffany C. 

"Man, they always say it takes 90 days to change your life! It may take 90 days on your own, but it only took me 73 with Sara Jillian Coaching"

Melia G.

Sara was great! I was completely surprised at what we were able to accomplish is such a short amount of time. She asked questions that helped get to the root issues of things holding me back from my goals. I would recommend her services to anyone that is ready to move forward but could use a little help.

Tanya B.

“Sara helped me get back on track and explore my heart to overcome some of my obstacles. She is excellent at asking the right questions to prompt deep thought and revelations of growth! ”

Jay L.

I was telling my friend that I'm working with a Coach for business and that its been more mindset work than anything, and it's amazing to see how fast things changed in my life when I started thinking differently...I just ran my numbers, and I didn't realize there's NO DOUBT that I'm going to make the amount I wanted this year. I appreciate you and helping to point me in the right direction

Tim S.

"Whatever it is you need in life, Sara will make your life better. In business, health, etc...Sara takes your life and makes it that much better. You win when you work with her"